Abitar Design Group LLC 


Alfredo Leon , a Venezuelan architect, decide to come to Florida in 2001 to start helping and advise with his previous experience and with a dedicated team of licensed and insured professionals his clients in their needs .

His first projects as construction coordinator and designer for huge home complexes and avant-garde home designs, with a professional and responsible team of workers, gave him the recognition to produce an excellent portfolio of customers in his country. In 1995 two additional business activities were started: furniture manufacturing and sales; establishing for this purpose a specialty shop and two retail shops in Caracas, Venezuela.

Alfredo Leon S. – Director: Graduated with Honors in Architecture (1987) at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Professor of Design and Theory of design in the Universidad Jose M Vargas 1988-1993. Finalist in various international design contests. Worked for a private
construction company during 1987 and 1989. Mr. Leon has coordinated the architectural project and interior design activities for 28 years.

Abitar Design Group. – is a company dedicated to advice and help their clients in any architectural and decoration project. Established in 2001, it has delivered many prestigious projects in the specialties of project, construction and remodeling, design consultant of homes, offices and commercial spaces.
Now in Florida with a team of Licensed Architects and engineers, licensed and insured teams of Contractors and Subcontractors, project assistants and project managers all in one we offer a

ONE STOP response to any design project.



Abitar Design Group, Inc is a design group company dedicated to help our clients to design and advise them in all details need it to finish their projects!